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Comments from a child of STEP

Ami Schwab

I am a STEP child. My mom, Aviva, took STEP when I was a baby, and she raised me using the principles and techniques. While I was growing up, we had a relationship free of yelling, tension and conflict. I noticed that many of my friends were not as fortunate. Today, I am in my thirties and I still have a wonderful, close relationship with my parents. My wife and I are using STEP with our daughters and we are experiencing the same wonderful results.

As a Ph.D. student in clinical psychology, I have learned that the authoritative parenting style taught in STEP (as opposed to an authoritarian or permissive style) is associated with independent, successful children. I feel fortunate to be a STEP child and that my children are STEP children as well. I am continually thankful to STEP for helping my family have a wonderful and consistently positive relationship.

-Ami Schwab, M.A. in Clinical Psychology

Ami now offers STEP workshops in New York City (Bronx). He can be reached at ami.schwab@gmail.com.