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What Parents Say

A selection of testimonials.

Using STEP has virtually eliminated tantrums and greatly reduced the stress I feel when my kids misbehave. It was well worth the hour drive to class every week!

Jeanne R., mother of 3 children

Susan M.

After listening to your recording and attending your class, I am a firm believer in STEP. In fact, it has changed my life. I thought you might enjoy this picture. My niece and my son were arguing over who could wear the boots. I told them that I had confidence they could work it out, and as you can see, they did!

Thanks for all of your hard work.

Susan M., mother of 3 children

My three teenage daughters are verbalizing their feelings, taking responsibility for themselves and have a loving respect for me, themselves and each other since I've been applying the principles of STEP.

Laura M.

Everyone seems to complain that kids/young adults today do not have a good work ethic and they're used to getting everything they want. This course offers concrete steps to help you raise responsible, caring children.

Lisa Clough, mother of 2 children

Susan M.

The principles you teach are life changing. I'm sure you have no idea how many people you have helped through the years, and the ripples from that teaching continue.

Debby Miller, mother and grandmother in Newburgh, Indiana

STEP has significantly improved my parenting skills, giving me a framework for communicating with, and disciplining, my kids. Our family is much happier since I started taking STEP - the yelling, arguing and punishing have been reduced dramatically.

Paul W., father of 3 children

Dear Aviva,

I hope you are doing well. I was one of your students in 1997 and I want you to know that I talk about you often.

L. McIntosh

My daughters are now 10 and 14. They are such precious kids. I often tell my husband and children that the best money I ever spent was the money I used to take your course. I also remember that the first time I took your class, I could not pay, but you still invited me to attend. Needless to say, I took your class twice. I am forever indebted to you.

Also, I had a strained relationship with my mom before attending your course. Since I learned STEP, we get along very well.

Aviva, all the best to you and your family,

L. McIntosh [While taking STEP, L. began to tell both of her children "Thank you for being my daughter" every day.]

Each time I encounter a parent with great kids, I hear the same thing: 'I took this class called STEP.'

Shelley P., mother of 3 Children

We love STEP but after a while we weren't STEPing as hardcore as we had been. Our 4 year old was getting more and more frustrating, until one day I found myself locked in my room crying. I knew I had to get back on the wagon. I put the recording back on and within 24 hours it was like I was dealing with a totally different child. Thank you so so much!

R.W., mother of 4 children

We have become a different family and have so much fun together. We will take STEP with us to Germany and spread the word.

A. and T. E., parents of 2 children, Heidelberg, Germany

STEP has helped me become a more calm and effective parent. Our house is becoming a nicer place. (No yelling from parents anymore!)

Wendy B., mother of 2 children

I've noticed a marked change in the amount I yell...virtually never!

Susan Manziano, mother of one child

Since taking STEP, I feel that I yell and bribe less. I am more conscious about the way I respond to my children's behavior. I 'lose my cool' less and less and feel more in control of my emotions and reactions. Parenting is becoming more fun and less stressful!

Sue Wilson, mother of 2 children

STEP has made a huge difference to our entire family! My children love it even more than I do. We are resolving conflicts in a positive and respectful way. STEP has made our home a nicer place to be for us all.

J. T., father of two

STEP is the only parenting course of all I have taken that has given me practical tools for handling my anger so that I can be the parent I want to be. After years of therapy, I was horrified to find myself doing and saying things to my child that I had promised myself I would not do - behavior that reminded me of the inappropriate behavior of my parents. And what a relief that I don't have to analyze everything to work things out - I just have to plug in the I-message, empathy - the verbal tools I have learned from STEP. I truly believe the tools learned from this course can relieve so much of the horrors on our planet today.

Gail M., mother of two children

Sharon and Meir S.

My husband and I implemented STEP less than a month ago and since that time we are enjoying our children like never before. STEP has completely transformed our relationship with the kids - we've gone from high anxiety tantrums at every turn to having a relaxed environment at home. Aviva has saved our family and its dynamics in many ways. This should be mandatory for every parent!

Sharon & Meir S., parents of 3 children

Aviva helped me deal with the major control issues surrounding mealtime. The food battles have stopped and I am avoiding potential eating disorders in the future.

Liz T., mother of two

STEP has really helped me have a good/better relationship with my children and husband. I haven't yelled in weeks and it feels good. I'm a lot happier.

Donna M., mother of 2 children

This course has provided me with the tools to be an active parent rather than a reactive one. I was beginning to feel that my 5-year-old was controlling me -- now I have some concrete methods for keeping the communication open between us.

J. D., father of one child

My middle son used to fight me on almost everything. Now after taking STEP classes, I enjoy my son. I am working better with him. I think we both learned to understand and respect each other better. He is wonderful.

Barbara G., mother of 3 children

I now have the loving relationship with my children I've always wanted.

Joseph G., father of the same 3 children

Our family time together is filled with laughter and fun now, instead of tension and criticism.

Kim N., mother of 3 children

After taking this course, I am fighting 90% less with my kids and my husband. My husband says I am a changed woman.

C. M., mother of triplets

Rita F.

With 3 grandchildren ages 5, 3 and 1, these STEP skills are a refresher and add to my continued enjoyment of my children and grandchildren. STEP skills affect all your relationships positively - including "adult" children!

Rita F.

I have decided to be the line in the sand: abuse stops with me. STEP gave me the tools to raise my kids with respect.

Pat Hensley, mother of 3 children

I feel much more capable of handling a myriad of situations with the children. Also helps me to control my impulse towards anger and authoritarian responses.

Philip K., father of 2 children

This is truly a visionary program with the potential to advance our culture to be more kind and compassionate.

Susan R., mother of 2 children

STEP offers a chance at a lifetime of friendship with responsible people who happen to be your kids.

Beth V., mother of 3 children

I was an angry, frustrated and overwhelmed mother. I knew plenty about what not to do, but not enough about what to do.

Through STEP I learned:

Thanks to STEP, I enjoy my children now.

B. W., mother of 2 children

Several years ago, I embarked on a parenting course that has changed the direction of our family. I was a bit embarrassed to admit that after 10 years of being a parent, I was finally learning how to actually do it!! I had been parenting by heart and instinct - which was well-intentioned. But when I thought of all the post graduate hours I put into learning how to be a nurse practitioner, I assured myself that parenting was no different. I could speak about this course for hours. It has been a blessing beyond compare.

Beth W., mother of three children

Dear Aviva,

Marian and David K.

I really enjoyed the class. Your anecdotes about your own experiences with your sons and your 'library kids' and your former students' kids were so helpful. Your passion about STEP really comes through and has been transferred to all of your students. I also appreciated your non-judgmental attitude. Like it was OK to admit that we yelled and lost our tempers.

STEP has definitely made a difference in our lives:

Most of all thank you for helping us to enjoy our children and each other so much more. Please keep doing what you do.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,

Marian, David, K., & A. G.

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